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Creative Ways To Check On a Candidate's References

As the economy continues to re-open from Covid-19restrictions, many businesses will be hiring new employees to fill open positions or in order to add more staffing. When hiring new staff, it is important to know everything possible about the candidates you are considering hiring, which means that checking references is imperative when making the final decision and selecting one person over another.

A major misconception is that it is illegal to ask references for any information about a candidate other than confirming the dates that the candidate did work for the company. This misconception is due to the fact that many companies have a “no reference” policy in order to reduce the risk of liability for discrimination and/or defamation. If you do encounter a company with a “no reference” policy, here are a couple ways to get more information about the candidate:

  • Ask for references from former employees of the company 

Former employees of the candidate’s referenced employer would be able to tell you whatever you want to know about your candidate. These types of references would be classified as personal references but would still give you important information about your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Evaluate performance reviews 

Ask the candidate to provide copies of the most current performance reviews. These documents can be used to provide much of the same information derived from a reference check.

These are just a couple of creative ways to get information about your potential new hire. The number of new hires in most organizations will be going up. Sometimes you have to think outside the box on how you get your information.

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