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Customizable, Accessible, Easy...Payroll
Every company has some special need in the process of running payroll - whether they know it or not
A&A customizes your payroll process by identifying that need and fulfilling it.
You can have peace of mind knowing you can control the process and trust us with the rest.

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A&A Employment Services: Your Partner In Business.

A&A Employer Services manages payroll, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you own a small business and are looking for a leader among Orange County Employer and Human Resources Services companies, you have found your partner. If you would prefer to outsource these complicated, critical, and time consuming functions, and not deal with the time and money associated with employing human resource personal… then look no further. A&A Employer Services specializes in keeping our clients compliant with state and federal employment laws.

Our Services

A&A Employer Services simplifies the increasingly complex business lives of our clients by reliably partnering in every conceivable aspect related to Human Resources. Your comprehensive needs always come first.

Payroll Services

Individualized payroll services with 24 hour live phone support. No machines… ever.

Safety & Risk Management

Ensure OSHA compliance within all company locations to achieve a safe, injury-free working environment.

Workers Compensation

Identifying and sourcing the optimal worker’s compensation packages for your business — often at a considerable savings.

Benefits & Insurance

Helping you attract and retain the best employees by developing a complete compensation program.

Medical Insurance Services

Salaries only play a partial role in hiring or retaining a valued employee Acquire and retain talent in a competitive market.

Additional Services

A&A Employer Services is a leader in the development and integration of proven employment systems, technologies and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?
A & A is a full services Payroll Processing team for your business. We help in all aspects of running the payroll, insurance tracking and benefit administration.  
Do you help with workers compensation?
We help clients with all aspects of their workers compensation policies. We take care of yearly audits, helping place business with carriers if they don’t already have coverage. We also help all our clients with with claims administration. Helping our clients close open claims to keep premiums as low as possible.
Can you help me with employee benefits and healthcare insurance?
We can help administrate and find employee benefits of any kind. Which includes, group health benefits, 401k administration, supplemental benefits, to name a few.
Do you help with HR training?
A & A helps with all kinds of HR related services. We can set your compnay with online state mandated employee training. We can create new employee handbooks, new hire docmentation, plus much more.
Can we talk to someone about our current situation and if making the switch makes sense for my company?
A & A offers a 30 min free consultation for any company that is interested. Even if the clients in not looking to make a switch in vendors, we will be willing to talk to them about their process and how we can help. Click the button below to schedule a meeting with the COO Scott Riley.
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