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Human ResourcesAdapting to Remote Work: Managing Payroll from Anywhere with A & A Employer Services

Discover the seamless transition to remote payroll processing with A & A Employer Services. Uncover the challenges of managing payroll from anywhere and explore our flexible solutions designed to ensure security, compliance, and open communication. Streamline your remote work experience with our user-friendly software and expert support. Embrace flexibility with A & A Employer Services – your trusted partner for efficient and secure remote payroll management.

PayrollThe Top 5 Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Discover the top 5 critical payroll mistakes that small businesses must avoid to ensure smooth operations, legal compliance, and employee satisfaction. Learn how accurate classification, diligent record-keeping, overtime regulation adherence, timely payroll processing, and tax law compliance can save you time, money, and legal headaches. Partner with A & A Employer Services Inc. for expert payroll management and enjoy a stress-free approach to handling your business's payroll needs.

Human ResourcesHiring the Right Person for the Right Position: Best Practices and Procedures

Learn the importance of hiring the right person for the right position and how bad hiring practices can hurt a company. Follow these 10 best practices and procedures to hire the best talent for your organization. Contact A & A Employer Service for customized recruitment solutions.

Human ResourcesThe Importance of an Up-to-Date Employee Handbook: How Neglecting it can Hurt Your Company

Discover how neglecting an up-to-date employee handbook can lead to legal liabilities, confusion, misunderstandings, and low morale. Learn how A & A Employer Services can help you create a clear and concise employee handbook that meets your company's unique needs.

Human ResourcesThe Importance of Keeping Time and Attendance for Hourly Employees in California

Learn why accurate record-keeping of time and attendance for hourly employees is crucial in California, including the difference between hourly and salary employees, salary overtime exempt rules, and the liability of not having proper records. Discover how A & A Employer Service can help your business stay compliant while saving you time and money.

Human ResourcesA Guide to Payroll Schedules in California: Understanding Pay Dates and Options for Employers

Confused about payroll schedules in California? Learn about the difference between pay dates and payroll schedules, as well as the options available to employers under California law. Get sample schedules and matching pay dates for each option, and contact A & A Employer Services Inc. for expert payroll assistance.

Business Owners InformationWhy Retaining Top Talent Should Be Your Business's Priority

In today's competitive job market, it's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep their best employees. Discover why prioritizing employee retention is key, and learn some practical tips for using resources to make it hard for employees to leave.

Human ResourcesNew law regarding use of cannabis off the job or away from the workplace

Understanding the new California Law AB 2188. Make sure you don't terminate an employee for cannabis in their system.

Business Owners InformationGrants to help small business with California's Paid Family Leave

California introduce grants to help small businesses employees Paid Family Leave Funds.

Employee BenefitsMileage Reimbursements have climbed... Are you paying your employees correctly???

Law changes to the expense reimbursement for use of their personal car. Most employers are paying their employees wrong because of it.

Business Owners InformationCommon Mistakes Business Owners Make

10 Common mistakes we notice Business Owners make... Are you doing any of these.

Human ResourcesJune 2022 - Covid Update

JUNE 2022 Employers COVID update. What you need to know!!

Employee BenefitsThe Benefits of Rewarding Employees in the Workplace

Benefits of Rewarding Employees in the Workplace can increase productivity and employee retention. Here are some ideas

Human ResourcesChecking Back in on 2022 California Labor Laws. Are you in compliance?

Checking in on a few of the 2022 California Laws for employers. Are you compliant with all of these?

Employee BenefitsCalSavers is a Requirement For Your Business. What you need to know.

CalSavers is a requirement for just about every employer. Learn more here.

Human Resources 5 Questions an Employer Should Ask Their Employees To Increase Retention

Business owners know that retaining a current employee is a more productive and cost-efficient option than finding and training a new employee

Human ResourcesCovid Sick Leave, Again!!

California is still paying Sick leave for Covid Cases. Both, self sick and family sick. Get the info here.

Human ResourcesAre Your Employee's Paystubs a Ticking Time Bomb?

You need to make sure these 9 things are on your Pay Stubs for your employees.

Human ResourcesNine Factors That Keep Employees Motivated and Engaged

9 factors that will help you get the most out of your employees.

Human ResourcesCommon Mistakes of Managers over their Remote Teams

8 basic mistakes of managers dealing with their newly remote teams.

Human ResourcesCreative Ways To Check On a Candidate's References

Creative ways to gather information on a potential new hire.

Human ResourcesIf you are paying 1099 employees, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Most 1099 employees are misclassified by their employees and are probably doing it wrong. If you are paying a 1099 employee please take the time to read this.