About Us

We’re North Orange County’s Most Reliable Employer Service Provider

You are busy running a business. Frankly, you don’t have the time, interest or expertise to handle all the necessary payroll and human resources tasks that accompany running your successful business. That’s where your Orange County Employer Services and Human Resources leader comes to the rescue! When you choose A&A Employer Services as your human resources partner you automatically receive the highest degree of reliability, honesty, integrity, ethics and attention to detail. These are the foundations our business is build on.

Our Services

A&A Employer Services simplifies the increasingly complex business lives of our clients by reliably partnering in every conceivable aspect related to Human Resources. Your comprehensive needs always come first.

Payroll Services

Individualized payroll services with 24 hour live phone support. No machines… ever.

Safety & Risk Management

Ensure OSHA compliance within all company locations to achieve a safe, injury-free working environment.

Workers Compensation

Identifying and sourcing the optimal worker’s compensation packages for your business — often at a considerable savings.

Benefits & Insurance

Helping you attract and retain the best employees by developing a complete compensation program.

Medical Insurance Services

Salaries only play a partial role in hiring or retaining a valued employee Acquire and retain talent in a competitive market.

Additional Services

A&A Employer Services is a leader in the development and integration of proven employment systems, technologies and processes.

Let's Work Together!

Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.