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Nine Factors That Keep Employees Motivated and Engaged

The following nine factors will help your employees perform well and realize their potential:

  • People want to work for a company whose values align with their own
  • People want to work for someone they trust and respect
  • People want to work with people they like
  • People want to be appreciated in a way that’s appropriate to them
  • People want to have a voice
  • People what to know what they need to do to succeed and how that success will be measured
  • People want to learn, grow, and develop in their careers
  • People want to be inspired to go the extra mile
  • People want to spend most of their day doing work they love

While all these factors are important in motivating your employees and helping them realize their potential, it is important to remember that the importance of each factor is dependent on the individual, their stage in life, and other external circumstances. How do you know which are important to each individual? You ask them! Actually, you engage in regular dialogue about these factors over time.

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