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California Approved Rules For Returning To The Office, Post COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ease, the State of California has finally approved rules for the return to offices. These rules were approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board and immediately signed into effect through an executive order by Gov. Gavin Newsome. Here are the rules:


  • Vaccinated workers: Fully vaccinated employees in most workplaces can stop wearing masks. Exceptions to these rules include; healthcare settings, long-term care facilities, K-12 schools, child-care facilities and other youth settings, homeless shelters, emergency shelters, cooling centers, correctional facilities and detention centers.
  • Unvaccinated workers: unvaccinated workers are still required to wear face coverings while indoors or in shared workplace vehicles or employer-provided transportation. The only time unvaccinated workers will be able to take off their masks indoors is if theyare alone or eating or drinking.
  • Masks: Workplaces are still required to provide masks to workers who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.Employers will also have to provide a respirator such as a N95 mask if anemployee who is not fully vaccinated requests one.
  • Partitions: The new rules also do away with the requirements for solid, cleanable partitions designed to reduce viral transmission, such as the plasticbarriers that separate customers and cashiers.
  • Vaccine verifications: Employers are required to document the vaccination status of employees if they are going togo without face coverings indoors. Businesses, though, do not have to retain copies of the vaccine cards and employees can also self-attest to their inoculation status.

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