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Online Portal Help Save You Time

Does your payroll company strive to save you time?

At A & A Payroll Services we build processes to save our clients time in the management of their employees. One major time saver we implement for all of clients is the employee portal. By having a usable employee portal for your staff, you can save in the following ways.

  • Employees can change their personal data when changes occur. If an employee changes their physical address, who is currently making the change in the payroll software? My guess is the payroll manager.
  • There are copies of old pay stubs in the Employee Portal. If your employee is moving into a new apartment, or refinancing their home loan, they will need to reproduce old checks stubs. No employee holds on to pay stubs and it will fall on the employee’s manager to pull that data for employees in this situation. Now they can take care of this on their own when they have spare time.
  • All our clients can access their available Vacation and Sick time. If an employee knows the amount of time they must use, they will know how much time they can request from their manager, thus saving both party’s time.
  • W2 and 1099 copies are in the employee portal. Even though each employee gets a physical copy of their W2 or 1099 each year, there is a large percentage of employees that lose that copy and need another. We push employees to pull their own copies of the W2’s when tax season starts rolling. This is going to save time and headaches from the employees, because most employees do not think about their documentation until they are heading to their tax meeting.

These are just a few ways our technology makes taking care of your employees easier. We pride ourselves in competing with the big box payroll companies in all the services they offer and filling in the gaps where they fall short. They have great software options too, but they will not take the time to train employees to use the software the way our team does.

If you are a client of ours and want more information please reach out to your payroll specialist, they will train you how to use the portal and get you the documents to send to your employees.

As always, we are here to help.

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