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Building A High Preforming Team - Employee Training

Building a high-performing team requires a combination of skills, but those skills are constantly evolving. The only way to remain relevant and get out in front from a skills- and capability-based perspective is to get serious about training and commit to it for the future. Training isn't an annual exercise or quarterly assessment. It needs to be part of your company's core values and reinforced daily — at all levels of an organization.

Traditional education is and will remain important, but consider looking at additional factors when looking for new hires:

  • Do they have a track record for embracing learning and training?
  • Are they digital problem solvers?
  • Are they inquisitive?

Ultimately, employees are people, so training programs need toappeal to our innate human instincts and needs. Taking this into consideration, there are four critical principles to prioritize when building training programs for the future workforce:

  1. Promote Discovery

Foster an environment that encourages people to reflect and step out of their comfort zones to discover their true capabilities.

  1. Spark Curiosity

Create programs where people engage with a larger community of peers with diverse backgrounds. Develop an ecosystem for mutual exchange, understanding and respect, as this helps everyone learn from others' experience and expertise.

  1. Unleash Potential

Collaborating with colleagues across technology, sales, marketing, finance, HR and other areas allows employees to identify challenges that range from strategic to operational. This allows them to work on projects to drive change and transformation.

  1. Encourage Self-Transformation

Equipped with self-awareness and new skills, employees are empowered to take risks and contribute significantly to the company's future. Give them a chance to lead by example and foster a culture of innovation and change across the organization. Future leaders — and many current leaders today— will likely never stop self-transformation.

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