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What You Need To Know About Work Injuries

At A&A Employer services, risk management is a top priority for us. We will partner with you to ensure OSHA compliance within all company locations and help you achieve a safe, productive and injury-free working environment. Our dedicated risk management personnel wants to do everything in our power to prevent you from experiencing the financial burden and stress that comes with being out of compliance.


But what happens when you don’t pay attention to the fine print?


“I have seen employers that care deeply about the safety of their employees, and always make sure they put them in positions to protect them from injury; get fines from CA, OSHA over 30k for minor infractions. If those clients have these big bills, what happens to the companies that put no time and resources to the protections of their employees?’’ -Scott Riley, Chief Operating Officer


What You May Not Know about Work Injuries


You may not realize, but if there’s a job-related injury where an employee spends more that 8 hours at the hospital, then you are required to turn the injury to CA, OSHA within 24 hours of the actual injury. Failing to have an injury illness prevention plan can cost you $5,000 immediately - and CA,OSHA can just show up knocking at your door.


Although Cal OSHA intends to protect workers to the highest degree, their inspections and expectations for safe work environments can result inunexpected citations for violating their standards, especially with COVID-19Related scenarios.



Instead of risking a fine like this, allow our dedicated staff to make sure you’re completely covered when it comes to compliance.


“A&A Employer’s team of service pros has helped me through many challenging times, from dealing with auditors to Cal OSHA inspectors. They provide us with payroll, safety programs and workers comp coverage. It has been a great help to me as an owner to compete in todays business world. If you're a small company like me, and cannot justify a full time office person, I recommend giving them a try.” - Mark G.


Give us a call today to get peace of mind knowing you can control your Risk Management system and trust us with the rest. We’re here to eliminate any frustrations or fears you have. We’re open from 8am-5pm and you can reach us at (714) 256-1320.


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