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What Makes us Different from Gusto or ADP

What Makes AA&E Different than Gusto or ADP


As North Orange County’s most reliable employer service provider, we’re dedicated to our client’s needs and providing unparalleled experience. But don't take our word for it, discover what our customers are saying about A&A Employer Services.


What Clients Love about A&A Employer:


“Very fast and efficient service. They are saving me so much time!”- Denise Randles, May 2022



“Highly recommend! A&A provides a personal touch to employer services which can't be beat.” - Erin L., May2022


“Scott and A&A work with many of my clients. They offer a high level of service that every small business needs. You can't find this type of service with the larger payroll companies so I refer my small business clients to Scott. They are always available and go the extra mile to make sure each client is taken care of. I highly recommend A&A Employer Services for any business looking for reliable payroll service and support!” - Lisa F., March 2022


At A&A Employer Services, we understand the complex and busy lives of our clients. Which is why we aim to make things easy, affordable, and put YOUR NEEDS FIRST. Not only do we offer payroll services, but we also consider other resources you’ll need such as:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Time and Attendance
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Medical Insurance and Group Benefits


What Sets Us Apart from Gusto or ADP?


So what is it exactly that sets us apart from other companies like Gusto or ADP for example? With Gusto, you’re likely paying extra for software and even the processing using the software. Gusto doesn’t necessarily have knowledge of whether you’re doing it correctly or incorrectly. It's automated and impersonal and you’re expected to do all the work yourself.

With AA&E, you will discover value in the customizable products we offer. For example, as the busy professional you are, you may not have time or energy to make sure you’re “legally correct” - so our experts ensure complete management of the fine details. 

Our approach is also much more customizable than just a “set it and forget” type of payroll system. For example, if you’re keeping track ofhours, we will compensate you with whatever approach works for you. Some of our clients call in their hours, email their hours, fax hours, etc. We are flexible and understand that you have specific needs that work only for you.

“The big thing that sets us apart is that ADP and GUSTO are software companies, not a payroll service. So, they tell you how to process payroll, where to go in there system, what to do. A&A Employer Services gets an idea of what our client needs, then we build a process that they are comfortable with. We have clients that still call in their hours, we have clients that email an excel spreadsheet to us and we take it from there. If you have a clock in clock out system, we can download the data from that right into our software.”

-Scott Riley, Chief Operating Officer


With this customized approach, our hope is to relieve your burden, and make the process as easy as possible.


Get a payroll rate comparison for free when you Contact Us or give us a call at: (714) 256-1320

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