Benifets and Insurance

Retirement Plans

Attract, retain quality employees to your organization by adding a retirement plan for them. An employee wages is only a part of why employee decided to go else where for work, by adding a retirement plan to your other group benefit plans it can set your organization apart from the rest.  

We can also help with the state mandated CALSAVERS retirement plan. .

So having options is key to making sure you are offering the right retirement plan for your employees.

  • 401K Retirement Plans
  • Traditional/Roth Matching Plans Available.
  • Profit Sharing Plans

Group Health Plans

A & A Employer Services can help you find group health benefits for your organization. We work with all major medical plans and all supplemental insurance companies to provide a full array of services for our client.

If you already have a Group Medical setup for your organization, A & A can help you administrate these plans by making sure all deductions and company matching is done correctly. Group Plans can be an extra cost burden on the business. A & A teams up with the best Payroll Software companies in the Nation to make sure all your employees are paying their share of their monthly medical payments.

If a payment is missed by an employee for any reason. The difference will be made up the next time they get paid.

We can help with

  • Major Medical
  • Supplemental Insurance (AFLAC)
  • Deduction Tracking to Limit Company Liability
  • Customizability in how you want to be charged