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Employee SafetyCalifornia Approved Rules For Returning To The Office, Post COVID

California approves rules post COVID to get back to work.

Human ResourcesCreative Ways To Check On a Candidate's References

Creative ways to gather information on a potential new hire.

Human ResourcesIf you are paying 1099 employees, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Most 1099 employees are misclassified by their employees and are probably doing it wrong. If you are paying a 1099 employee please take the time to read this.

Employee SafetyVentilation guild to COVID-19

Ensuring adequate ventilation throughout the work environment can help to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Here a couple idea to help with your buildings ventilation and employee safety.

PayrollExpense Reimbursements: Are you paying your employees correctly?

Are you accounting for you expense reimbursements correctly? This is a short guild on how to make sure you are account for payments outside of wages correctly.

PayrollOnline Portal Help Save You Time

How technology can help you better deal with your employees payroll needs.