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Business Owners InformationWhat We Need To Do to Fight Inflation In Our Business

6 ways to help your small business start the fight on Inflation.

Business Owners InformationPost Covid World of Employee Retention

What can we do about creating a work environment where employees actually want to work?

Business Owners InformationMore Employee Retention Options To Keep Your Valued Employees Around

Keeping employees is challenging and vital to keeping your business running. Here is some idea that will keep them around and get the same work out of them.

Human ResourcesNew law regarding use of cannabis off the job or away from the workplace

Understanding the new California Law AB 2188. Make sure you don't terminate an employee for cannabis in their system.

PayrollSuccessfully Implementing Time Card Attestation

Adding a time and attendance system to your small business can be a huge time saver for you and your business.

Business Owners InformationGrants to help small business with California's Paid Family Leave

California introduce grants to help small businesses employees Paid Family Leave Funds.

Employee SafetyCOVID-19 update

COVID-19 update 10.17.22

Employee BenefitsMileage Reimbursements have climbed... Are you paying your employees correctly???

Law changes to the expense reimbursement for use of their personal car. Most employers are paying their employees wrong because of it.

Business Owners InformationHiring Starts at Retention

Hiring will be a challenge for business leaders indefinitely, regardless of what the economy does. One way to help your hiring process, keep the employees you already have.

PayrollCalifornia Supreme Court Ruling - Meal and Rest Penalties = Wages

California Supreme Court Ruling - Meal and Rest Penalties = Wages. What does that mean for you as an employer?

Business Owners InformationCommon Mistakes Business Owners Make

10 Common mistakes we notice Business Owners make... Are you doing any of these.

Workers CompensationSimple Steps To Reduce Work Comp Insurance Costs

Workers Comp Insurance can be one of the largest expenses to a business's bottom line. But here are a few tips to help reduce that cost to your business.

Human ResourcesJune 2022 - Covid Update

JUNE 2022 Employers COVID update. What you need to know!!

Human ResourcesBuilding A High Preforming Team - Employee Training

4 easy steps to help build a successful team

Employee SafetyWhat You Need To Know About Work Injuries

Your company needs help with risk management. Here is why!!

PayrollWhat Makes us Different from Gusto or ADP

Why we are different? Payroll is easy the services is the hard part.

Employee BenefitsThe Benefits of Rewarding Employees in the Workplace

Benefits of Rewarding Employees in the Workplace can increase productivity and employee retention. Here are some ideas

An Introduction to Empower Well-Being

We are excited to team up with Angie Menendez from Empower Well-Being to help provide some of these"Well-being" tips for your business. Enjoy

How using a Credit Card could help your Business, A & A can help...

One of the challenges of running a business is often tight cash flow, using a Credit Card can help with that.

Human ResourcesChecking Back in on 2022 California Labor Laws. Are you in compliance?

Checking in on a few of the 2022 California Laws for employers. Are you compliant with all of these?

Employee BenefitsCalSavers is a Requirement For Your Business. What you need to know.

CalSavers is a requirement for just about every employer. Learn more here.

Human Resources 5 Questions an Employer Should Ask Their Employees To Increase Retention

Business owners know that retaining a current employee is a more productive and cost-efficient option than finding and training a new employee

PayrollNavigating Certified Payroll

Getting a certified payroll job is an opportunity for any contractor, but here is what you need to know BEFORE you bid on the job

Human ResourcesCovid Sick Leave, Again!!

California is still paying Sick leave for Covid Cases. Both, self sick and family sick. Get the info here.

Human ResourcesHow to Build a Culture of High Performance

Top ways of building company culture from the ground up.

Human ResourcesAre Your Employee's Paystubs a Ticking Time Bomb?

You need to make sure these 9 things are on your Pay Stubs for your employees.

Human ResourcesNine Factors That Keep Employees Motivated and Engaged

9 factors that will help you get the most out of your employees.

Human ResourcesCommon Mistakes of Managers over their Remote Teams

8 basic mistakes of managers dealing with their newly remote teams.

PayrollDon't Overpay Your Employee's Driving Company Vehicles Home

Often employees feel they should be compensated when they leave their house while driving a company vehicle. This is not required, and we dive into why those hours driving to and from home are not considered work hours.

Employee BenefitsState Mandated Retirement Plans - Are you ready

If you have over 5 employees in the state of California, you will be required to offer some sort of retirement plan to your employees soon. Get to planning something now.

Employee SafetyCalifornia Approved Rules For Returning To The Office, Post COVID

California approves rules post COVID to get back to work.

Human ResourcesCreative Ways To Check On a Candidate's References

Creative ways to gather information on a potential new hire.

Human ResourcesIf you are paying 1099 employees, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Most 1099 employees are misclassified by their employees and are probably doing it wrong. If you are paying a 1099 employee please take the time to read this.

Employee SafetyVentilation guild to COVID-19

Ensuring adequate ventilation throughout the work environment can help to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Here a couple idea to help with your buildings ventilation and employee safety.

PayrollExpense Reimbursements: Are you paying your employees correctly?

Are you accounting for you expense reimbursements correctly? This is a short guild on how to make sure you are account for payments outside of wages correctly.

PayrollOnline Portal Help Save You Time

How technology can help you better deal with your employees payroll needs.